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Financial Planning

The key to wealth
How much do I need to invest for a pension?
Who saves the most by retirement?


List of Funds  *indicates a Friends Provident International Ltd Mirror Fund

Alphabetical List
Monthly Savings
Lump Sums
Brandeaux Property Funds
Collins Stewart Aggressive Fund *
Collins Stewart Balanced Fund *
Collins Stewart Growth Fund *
Glanmore Property Fund *
Investec Global Strategic Value *
Lanson International Growth Fund
Lanson Optima Fund
MAN AHL Diversified Fund *
MAN Capital Guaranteed Funds
Merrill Lynch World Gold Fund *
Pioneer Momentum - All Weather Fund *
Premier Diversified Property Fund
Premier Optima 3 Capital Guaranteed Fund
Premier Optima 4 Capital Guaranteed Fund
Quadriga - GCT Fund
Scottish Life International - Capital Guaranteed Funds
Student Accommodation Fund *
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Term Assurance
Renewable Term Assurance
Whole of Life / Universal Life Assurance
Critical Illness Insurance Permanent Health / Income Protection Insurance
Medical Insurance
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Wills & Trusts

Guide to trusts
Advantages of using a trust
Types of trust
Trust terminology explained
Residence & Domicile
UK Inland Revenue Definition of Residency
UK Inland Revenue Definition of Domicile
Full UK Inland Revenue Booklet For Expats

Useful Info

Currency converter
Advice for expats by country
Hedge funds explained
Stock market is better than cash

Stock market graphs
Currency, inflation & property graphs
Glossary of financial terms
Do tax cuts only benefit the rich?
Interest, inflation & GDP forecasts
World's most expensive cities
List of world currencies & symbols

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