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Collins Stewart Growth Fund

Collins Stewart Growth Fund

Current market view

A medium risk fund of funds selected from over 90 funds from FPIL's comprehensive mirror fund range, CS Asset Management are well positioned to switch in and out of these funds (at no cost) as and when market developments occur enabling them to deliver superior investment returns to their clients.

The custodian of this fund is Friends Provident International Ltd in the Isle of Man. Therefore it is only available through one of the Friends provident products. The fund is managed entirely CS Asset Management (CSAM) a publicly quoted company based in Guernsey. The fund makes a number of broad based allocations within the Friends Provident mirror fund range (What are mirror funds?) and uses a macroeconomic strategy to select and review the asset allocation on a regular basis.

CS believe that successful investment is as much about managing risk as maximizing returns and, as a result, the management of risk forms an important part of their investment process. They are in the business of wealth creation and protection and they bring institutional investment disciplines to private client asset management.


  • To invest in selected funds and managers who consistently outperform their market benchmark and peer group net of all fees.
  • To allocate the assets over a wide range of funds to moderate risk.


  • Equal emphasis is placed on quantitative and qualitative analysis and there is a strict set of criteria for measuring the performance of individual managers.
  • Typically, between 40% - 90% of the fund will be invested in equity funds and 5% - 15% in alternative investments, with the balance in cash and bond funds.
  • CSAM also includes alternative investments to both enhance returns and reduce risk and volatility maximise growth and then to protect the gains in future market downturns wherever possible.
  • Performance of the selected funds is reviewed regularly; statistical analysis and macro economics are used to determine the best time to enter and exit each investment.

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May 2001

This fund will be subject to volatility and may go down in value as well as increase. This risk is reduced the longer the investment is held. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.