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Quadriga Superfunds

Quadriga Superfund GCT Futures Fund & Quadriga Superfund (closed)
Replaced by the Quadriga Superfund B Futures Fund

GCT Price:


Price date:


A high risk leveraged fund of managed futures. It trades in futures in the commodity and financial markets. It is very volatile but has a very good track record.

This fund is now closed and has been replaced by Quardriga Superfund B which has a similar strategy.


  • Produce an absolute return (net of fees and expenses) of 50% p.a. with up to 40% annual volatility (Standard Deviation);
  • Reduce correlation to capital markets and achieve very high growth over the medium term.


  • Invest in more than 100 futures markets individually calculated to have low correlation to each other.
  • Utilises standard and proprietary formulas to determine market entry/exit points and statistically evaluated patterns to filter markets most likely to establish predictable price movement.
  • Real time and fully automated risk management for all positions at any given time.

Charging Structure:

Management Fee:

6% + 25% Incentive Fee High Watermark

Bid/Offer Spread:


Redemption Fee:


Other information:



Minimum Entry:

GCT             $15,000
Superfund B  $10,000



This fund will be subject to volatility and may go down in value as well as increase. This risk is reduced the longer the investment is held. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.