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Premier Optima Series 4 Fund

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This is a fund of 3 funds; a commodities index fund, a European equity fund and an emerging markets bond fund. It matures in 10 years with a capital guarantee from Barclays Bank. It offers good prospects of achieving above average growth, as it combines 3 different asset classes and investment styles with low cost capital protection.  In addition, there is a version with a loan facility built in to double your investment stake.
  • The notes are issued by Barclays Bank and have a 10 year capital guarantee upon maturity. The amount of the guarantee will be set at the highest price achieved by each individual sub-fund prior to the closing date for applications.
  • The underlying funds are:

    Gartmore European Select Opportunities (rated AAA by Standard & Poors)
    Invests in a broad range of European stocks with approximately 50% of the Fund invested in large companies. Launched in 1984, the fund has achieved an annualised growth of 13.2% over the last 10 years and has £1.79 billion under management.

    The Diapason Rogers Commodity Index Fund invests in the Rogers International Commodity index. This index represents a “basket” of commodities employed in the global economy, ranging from agricultural products (wheat corn etc,) and energy products (oil, gasoline, natural gas etc) to metals and minerals (gold, silver, aluminium , lead etc.). Launched in July 1998, the fund has achieved an annualised growth of 18.9%.

    ABN AMRO Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund (rated AA by Standard & Poors)
    Invests in emerging markets fixed-income securities, primarily denominated in US Dollars, with medium and long term maturity. Launched in May 1998, it has achieved an annualised growth of 20.8% and has over $1.8 billion under management.
  • A Target Redemption Feature to enable investors to realise the increase in the value of their investment:-
    i) if, during the three years after the end of the subscription period, the reference price related to the underlying
    Notes reach £1.30, US$1.30 or €1.30, they will be redeemed at that time or
    ii) if the increase referred to above is not achieved during the first three year period, then investors have a second opportunity of early redemption, which will occur during the fourth and fifth year after the end of the
    subscription period if the reference price related to the underlying Notes reach £1.50, US$1.50 or €1.50.
  • access to a diversified portfolio of assets with outstanding potential performance
  • participation in rising equity commodity and emerging market bond markets but with diversification of assets to protect against any single market exposure;
    • tax efficiency - investments can be made to suit investors’ personal circumstances;
    • multi-currency - available in £, US$ and €; with a minimum investment of £10,000, US$15,000 or €15,000.
  • choice of 3 funds depending on currency of investor's choice. The underlying funds are hedged to the currency of chosen Optima 3 fund.

There are 2 ways of investing in the fund:

  1. Managed Guaranteed Option. This is a straightforward investment with protection of your initial investment. If the early redemption is not triggered, you exit in 10 years time at the higher of the sum of the individual fund price or at the initial investment price, whichever is the higher.
  2. Optima Select. The investment amount will be matched with a 1 for 1 loan, therefore doubling the investment stake, to offer increased exposure to the underlying investments and potentially greater returns. The doubled investment operates in the same manner as the Optima Managed Guaranteed version. Optima Select can boost returns if the underlying investment achieves returns higher than the cost of borrowing. You should note that if the annual returns from underlying investments are less than the cost of borrowing, then the value of your investment in Optima Select will fall. The cost of borrowing is deducted at the time of redemption.
    Note: For full details of the loan arrangements please refer to the Scheme Particulars.

Launch Details:

Each of the 3 currency funds will close on May 1st 2007 or earlier when it receives investments totalling £50m / €50m / $50m. The launch price will be set at the highest price the fund achieves between its opening on May 1st 2006 and the launch date and this price will form the basis of the capital guarantee.

Charging Structure:

Management Fee: 


Early Redemption Charge:


Time participating shares held: 

Redemption penalty (reducing by 0.5% per quarter)

First year
Second year
Third year
Fourth year
Fifth year
Sixth year and thereafter

No early redemption permitted
8% to 6%
6% to 4%
4% to 2%
2% to 0%

Other Details:

The dealing date is the 1st of the month with applications needed by the preceding 20th and funds by the 25th.







US Dollar 


Minimum Entry: 

£10,000, US$15,000 or €15,000.

Security & Corporate Structure:


The Royal Bank of Scotland Trust Company (IOM) Ltd


PriceWaterhouse Coopers - regulated in the IOM


Abacus Financial Services - regulated in the IOM

The Notes Issuer

Barclays Bank PLC

If redeemed before maturity, this fund may go down in value as well as increase. This risk is reduced the longer the investment is held. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.