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FPIL Templeton BRIC Fund

A high risk fund that offers investors concentrated access to the growth potential of the dynamic emerging market economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC).

The fund a daily trading mirror fund (What are mirror funds?) (mirror fund range) and makes dynamic allocations between the 4 regions of Brazil, Russia, India and China and weight them according to the manager's assessment of each region's growth potential. These regions are making a rapidly increasing contribution to world GDP and as their domestic demand increases, their GDP is likely to continue to expand faster than the more developed countires of the world.


The objective is capital appreciation. The fund will invest primarily in equity securities of companies
(i) organized under the laws of, or with their principal office in, Brazil, Russia, India or China (including Hong-Kong and Taiwan) or
(ii) which derive the principal portion of their revenues or profits from BRIC economies or have the principal portion of their assets in BRIC economies.

The Fund can be volatile as these regions are prone to sudden shocks and currency fluctuations.

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July 2005

This fund will be subject to volatility and may go down in value as well as increase. This risk is reduced the longer the investment is held. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.