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Scottish Life International

Scottish Life International - Safe Combination Bond

The International Safe Combination Bond is a single-premium bond offering links to Scottish Life International‘s range of award-winning capital protected funds. The International Safe Combination Bond allows you to invest with the confidence and security which come from knowing that you are firmly in control of your portfolio risk at all times.

Product features:

  • Choice of capital protection level of between 95% and 100% each quarter
  • Protected Index fund range
  • Protected With Bonus fund range
  • Protected Deposit Bonus fund range
  • Quarterly investment periods with lock-in mechanism providing capital protection
  • Access to the Protected Cash Bonus fund
  • Tax-efficient insurance bond issued from the Isle of Man
  • Available in sterling, US dollars or euro
  • Free switching between funds and security levels
  • Portfolio rebalancing option
  • Award-winning product
  • Award-winning client service.

The unique and award winning range of capital protected funds can give you control over your capital and profits by protecting between 100% and 95% of your investment each quarter. Each fund provides a clear definition of its quarterly risk, and naturally the more risk associated with a particular fund the greater the potential reward. However, switching funds each quarter can become rather time-consuming. It can also be difficult for you to decide which level of protection to switch to every three months. Therefore, to dramatically simplify and ease the administration of taking control of the stock market rollercoaster, Scottish Life International has developed safe combination™.

Safe combination™ is a totally new way of looking at investment. It allows you to specify risk and potential reward in far more meaningful terms than ever before. It is a unique, automatic investment system which allows you to create your own, tailor-made, secure investment strategy. It allows you to benefit from the potential of the stock market and protect your capital whilst giving you the option of locking in your profits each and every quarter. It really requires a face to face explanation as there are several options to choose from, but it does allow you to achieve better returns than bank deposit over the medium term and keeps your capital secure.