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FPIL Global Growth Protector Fund

The fund offers the perfect balance of performance and protection. It is designed to provide investors with protected participation in global stock market growth by investing in a combination of actively managed and money market funds from Black Rock Merrill Lynch, one of the world’s leading asset managers.
A continuous level of protection is provided by HSBC, which ensures a minimum protected price of 80% of the highest fund value achieved. Investors can lock-in 80% of the upside, knowing that only 20% of their portfolio is exposed to stock market movements.

This fund combines the flexibility of daily dealing and being a completely open-ended investment with capital protection. HSBC provide a continuous level of protection on the underlying fund. This means that it benefits from constant protection of 80% of the highest ever value achieved. Consequently, as the fund price increases over time, so too will the protected value of your investment.

This Fund offers clients the ideal balance between performance and protection. BRMLIM seek out the best long-term returns on a truly global perspective. With over US$1.3 trillion of assets under management*, and having won more than 100 prestigious fund management awards in 2007, you can be assured that they really put your money to work. The Fund offers unlimited growth potential and exposure to the very best investment ideas from BRMLIM.

The back testing at launch shows that the fund would have kept slightly ahead of the MSCI World Index from Dec 02 to Dec 07. It would have grown 300% over that 5 year period compared to the index growth of 250%. Click here for MSCI graph

The FPIL Global Growth Protector Fund offers both open-ended performance potential and dynamic protection. The Fund is available exclusively through Friends Provident International Litd’s lump sum and savings product range.

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February 2008

This fund is not a deposit or guaranteed investment and its value can fall as well as rise. It should be viewed as a medium-to- long-term investment solution. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.