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Whole of Life Insurance / Universal Life Insurance

  • Can continue until you die, provided premiums are paid
  • Premiums increase with age
  • Has a surrender value
  • Principle is that you pay an amount in excess of the cost of insurance in the early years and the excess premium is invested. The investment grows and is used to fund the cost of life insurance, partially or wholly, in later life
  • Can be used to pay inheritance tax if death occurs in later life
  • Critical illness can be added and then the policy pays out once, on the first occurrence of death or diagnosis of a critical illness
  • Gives protection to your family throughout your life. If you die in the early years, your family receive the insured amount, plus the invested amount. In later years as children leave home, the cover can be reduced and used to pay death duties/inheritance tax
  • If the early premiums are set correctly it can be planned that you cease or reduce contributions in retirement and the insurance can continue.

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Renewable Term Assurance
Whole of Life / Universal Life Assurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Permanent Health / Income Protection Insurance
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