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Renewable Term Assurance

  • Taken for one year but automatically renewable at the end of each year
  • Cost starts low and increases each year with age
  • Pays a lump sum if you die
  • Has no surrender value at any time
  • Usually used for short term requirement or keyman insurance
  • Gives protection to your family if you die early, can provide for wife's income and children's education
  • Can be used to repay mortgage in case of premature death
  • Also used to insure key employees, particularly in small businesses
  • Typically a man with a young family can require insurance up to 10x his annual salary
  • It is also important to insure the mother of young children as the cost of maids, nannies, taxis can be very high.
  • Usually recommended to be written in a trust to simplify probate.

If you move abroad, do check that your life insurance covers you when living in another country. Many do not.

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Renewable Term Assurance
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