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Permanent Health Insurance / Income Protection Insurance

  • Taken for a fixed time period
  • Fixed cost for duration of plan depending on health (particularly smoking), age and location at commencement
  • Pays up to 66% of your monthly salary if you are unable to work because of illness or disability
  • There is a waiting period before benefits are paid which you can chose - from 3 months to a year. Generally most people choose 6 months as many employers pay for the first 6 months of illness
  • Has no surrender value at any time
  • Is used to provide an income if you are unable to work through ill health. Currently we can only provide this to British nationals and there are restrictions on the countries in which you can reside while claiming benefits.

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Renewable Term Assurance
Whole of Life / Universal Life Assurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Permanent Health / Income Protection Insurance
Medical Insurance
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