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Merits of Hedge Funds This document explains what hedge funds are and why they are an important part of a balanced portfolio
Equites are better than cash Why investing regularly is important, particularly when markets are falling. This discusses the pitfalls of market timing
Graphs & Charts - updated quarterly Graphs of major stock market indices

Graphs of currency rates and inflation rates

Information for expatriates moving to most major countries Click here for expatriate information
Introduction to Pensions - United Kingdom Pensions UK
Introduction to Pensions - Australia Pensions AUS
Introduction to Pensions - South Africa Pensions RSA
Glossary of financial terms Click here for a glossary of financial terms
Tax cuts - a simple lesson in economics Sometimes Politicians can exclaim; "It's just a tax cut for the rich!", and it is just accepted to be fact. But what does that really mean?
Interest rates and forecasts of future rates of interest, GDP & inflation View this page of interest rates and forcasts.
Survey or the world's most expensive cities by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. View the list of the most expensive cities
List of 174 world currencies with symbols & ISO codes A diffinitive list of world currency symbols and ISO codes
Want to stop smoking and give yourself more money to invest Ecig Reviews


Tax advice for expats by country
Hedge funds explained
Stock market is better than cash
Stock market graphs
Currency, inflation & property graphs
Intro to pensions - UK
Intro to pensions - Australia
Intro to pensions - S Africa
Do tax cuts only benefit the rich?
Interest, inflation & GDP forecasts
List of world currencies & symbols