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These charts are updated quarterly

UK Inflation Graphs

UK inflation over the last 10 years

UK inflation over the last 20 years

Inflation adjusted value of the British pound over the last 30 years This shows that one pound 30 years ago bought the same as 6.13 pounds today.

Currency Charts

Britsh Pound vs US Dollar

US Dollar vs Euro

US Dollar vs Australian & New Zealand Dollar

US Dollar vs Singapore Dollar

US Dollar vs Japanese Yen

UK Property Market vs Stock Market Graphs

These graphs compare the performance over 5 years, 10 years, 15 years & 20 years of the

  • UK domestic house market (measured by the Halifax house price index)
  • UK commercial property index (Measured by the Jones Laing LaSalle commercial property index)
  • UK FTSE100 (Financial Times index of top 100 UK shares)
  • S&P500 in seterling (Standard & Poor's index of top 500 USA shares)

Property vs stock market

Although these graphs show the UK market, analysis has shown that it bears great similarity to the American & Australian market as well. It is noticable that the property market is at the top of a recent surge which has occured over the past 5 years. The performance of property over 15 years is not much better than that over 5 years as there was a similar boom in the late 1980's leading to a drop of some 25% in the early 1990's.

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