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Affinity Consulting Group

A Professional Service To Give You Peace Of Mind

 - Providing active management with regular communication

Affinity Consulting Group provide offshore financial advice that will endure time and relocation using friendly, qualified and experienced consultants. We are experts in understanding your requirements, finding the right products to suit your needs and helping you plan for the future. We work with investments across the whole risk spectrum and can advise on all possibilities from high yield to very low risk investments and pensions with above average returns, and from modest monthly saving to large lump sums. Whatever your circumstances, we will help design the right portfolio for you. We have the techniques to keep your money actively managed and stay in touch with you wherever you live, this ensures we provide you with the best of service.

In addition to investment management, we provide a full range of financial services to meet all your personal needs:

We help you concentrate on the essentials of life, your family, earning your income and spending time with your friends, as we plan your protection and manage your savings.

For companies we can offer several HR benefits:

  • Gratuity Funding Schemes
  • Group Life Insurance and Accident Cover
  • Group Medical Schemes
  • Self Funding Holiday Incentive Schemes (free holidays for staff)

How Do We Differ?

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