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A Professional Service To Give You Peace Of Mind

 - Providing active management with regular communication

We have many years of experience in the offshore financial services industry and we understand its benefits and constraints. One of the key factors is that clients move around constantly and so we have a system to actively manage your investment and ensure we stay in touch so that we can give you the best service, wherever you may be. In particular, we use email and this website to keep in contact and allow you to track the performance of your investments.

Affinity Consulting researches and selects the best products in each asset class or service and with particular emphasis on those that are actively managed. These are listed on this website and your consultant will help you decide the most appropriate to your situation. By pre-selecting and restricting the list, we are able to manage our client‘s portfolios more effectively. As this list changes, it becomes a simple matter to advise all concerned. This structure ensures your investments can be monitored easily and are kept in top performing funds.

Our consultants are highly trained and very experienced. We only recruit consultants who have passed their financial services exams in a regulated jurisdiction and have prior financial services experience. They are excellent at understanding your requirements, helping you quantify your goals, drawing up a plan for your future - and then finding the right products to meet your needs. However, our philosophy is to structure your investments to ensure they are actively managed and we leave the investment management to professional fund managers. Typically these are managers of a "fund of funds" as we believe this approach is the most effective and ensures active management. Affinity Consulting research the best active fund managers for you.

In addition to investment management, we provide a full range of financial services to meet all your personal needs:

Affinity Consulting Group Ltd has a marketing affiliation with:

United Arab Emirates: Affinity Solutions is registered in Dubai number 541841 Affinity Solutions is a division of the Continental Group who are licenced by the UAE Central Bank to give financial advice.

Affinity Consulting Group  

PO Box 73923
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 319 7529

We also have representation in Shanghai

Each of the above companies is separately incorporated. Affinity Consulting Group Ltd does not hold shares in any of the above companies but provides central marketing and services to them.