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Everyone has different circumstances and so we assess your requirements and help you decide the most appropriate way to make provision for the future, taking into account the uncertainties of the modern world and of expatriate living. Our strategy revolves around 3 major principles:


We analyse your present situation and your objectives and aspirations and discuss with you the most appropriate course of action.


To ensure your money is kept working in the best investments and not left to stagnate in funds that have past their best, we advocate active management. We select a small number of the best performing actively managed funds in each asset class and recommend our clients stay within this structure. Generally, we prefer funds of other funds, especially for the more volatile markets - such as equities and hedge funds. In a fund of funds, the manager reviews his investments frequently and changes or re-balances them as the markets move. All markets have their different cycles and using this approach means that you and your consultant do not have to worry about changing your investments as cycles change, because the fund of funds does this for you.


We monitor these and keep in contact with you to ensure you are kept informed of their performance and are advised if we recommend any changes. We use this website to provide information and send newsletters by email and so we can keep in touch, even if you and your consultant end up in different parts of the world.

Most of our clients remain within this structure and have the peace of mind that their investments are being monitored.